Oil & Paint Tin Cans

Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Oil & Paint Tin Cans such as Paint Cans, Metal Paint Cans, Oil Cans, Additives Containers, Spout Tins, Double Tight Tins and many more items from Mumbai.

Paint Cans

We are affianced in providing a wide range of Paint Cans to the clients. These cans are extensively used for safely storing paints & oils. These cans are manufactured by making use of the advanced technology and equipment, which makes these highly demanded in the industry. Our products are available at market leading prices and can be customized as per their specific requirements.


Some of their features are as follows :


  • Non reactive
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High tensile strength

Metal Paint Cans

With our expertise in this domain, we are engaged in providing an extensive gamut of Metal Paint Cans. These cans are fabricated by our professionals while keeping in mind the various needs & requirements of our clients. Our products are in compliance with the predefined industrial as well as international quality standards.


These products are known for the following attributes:


  • Long lasting
  • Vibrant colors
  • Superior quality

We offer quality Oil Cans that manufactured using high grade Tin procured from reliable vendors. These are recommended for packing of various liquids and dry products such as oil, and spices. Available in various sizes, these cans are perfect of carrying oil as it give easy option for dropping out and filling in options. We also customize these cans as per the specifications detailed by our clients.

Additives Containers

The additive containers are specially designed to keep the additives fresh for longer period of time. Manufactured using quality tin, these containers are known for its features such as corrosion resistant, durable, and non reactive. These cans are designed in such as way that they keep the freshness and the aroma of additives intact. These cans can also be customized as per the clients’ requirements.

Spout Tins

We offer wide range of Spout Tins that are available in various sizes. These cans are best suited for storing different types of liquids as the spout available seals it in better way. Since, these cans are made up of tin; they are corrosion resistant and do not react with the liquid. We customize these cans as per the specifications provided by our clients.

Double Tight Tins

The Double Tight Tins offered by us is known for its tight sealing and non reactive properties. These tins are best for keeping paints, enamels, and liquid polish. The Double tight lid seals the can twice i.e. the inner part and the outer part of the lid is sealed. This ensures that the liquid in the tin does not come in contact with the atmosphere and hence are intact for longer period of time.

Olive Oil Container

Olive Oil Container is a very essential oil that is used in day-to-day life for cooking purpose. These should be stored in a proper manner so that the freshness and the quality of the oil remain intact. Our containers are perfect for storing Olive Oil in proper manner; these are available in various sizes and can be further customized as per clients’ requirements. These containers are in various Olive oil industries for packing purpose.

Some of their characteristics are given below :

  •     Resistant to rust
  •     Resistant to corrosion
  •     Requires low maintenance

Liquid Product Containers

Our range of quality Liquid Product Containers are specially designed to store liquid material safe and pure. These are handy containers and facilitate easy fill and drop of liquid. Our tin containers are seamless and leak proof therefore are ideal for packaging liquids. These containers are known for its features such as corrosion resistant and non reactive which further ensure the liquid product stored in it does not get contaminated with time or reaction. Further, we provide these containers in several sizes and can be fabricated as per clients’ requirement.

Containers for Preservatives

The Containers for Preservatives offered by us is offered in standard as well as customized options. It has standard carrying capacity of 3 liter which can be further customized as per the requirement of our clients. These containers are best suitable for storing preservatives as these are non reactive and hence keep the composition of the preservative intact. Further, it is provided with a handle to carry and the opening is intentionally designed in such a way that limited amount of liquid flows out of the container at a time.

Tight Lid Tin Cans

We manufacture quality Tight Lid Tin Cans that is offered by us in the standard size of 5 liters. Further these can be customized as per the requirement of the clients. These cans can be used to store different types of liquid as well as solid material that needs to be stored in such a way that they may not come in contact with the atmosphere. The tight lid ensures the product is safe and does not get affected by its environment.

Small Tin Containers

The Small Tin containers offered by us are meant for keeping products is lea quantity. We offer standard 100 grams capacity container which can be further customized as per clients’ requirement. Further, different types of logos and relevant information can be printed on these containers. The container is provided with air tight lid that keep the product inside the container away from atmosphere.

Containers for Chemicals

We offer container for chemicals offered by us is known for its quality, and non reactive nature. These are best for storing the chemicals as these do not react with the chemicals and hence the composition of the chemical is same throughout. These are available in different sized and can be customized as per the requirement of the clients.

Insecticides Containers

Our Insecticides Containers are best suitable for Insecticides because of its features such as non reactive and corrosion resistance. Our containers are manufactured using tin, which does not react with the chemicals present in the insecticides. Further, our containers are designed to keep the chemical properties of the insecticides integral. These containers are offered in different sizes which can be further customized as per clients’ requirements.